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Information and News

NEW FLAVOR!!!  Don't miss our newest flavor, Bacon Cheddar.   It's mouthwatering delicious and quickly becoming one of our most popular flavors!

The Low Down on Why You're Waiting
The average time to expect receipt of your order is 10 days.  All orders are made fresh to order.   We believe that the best jerky is fresh jerky.   Another factor is that we don't make every flavor each day.  That's just inefficient.  So it could be a week before your flavor is made.   Shipping time is separate from that.  We use Priority Mail because it's the least expensive guaranteed mail service that provides tracking capability.  Please wait the 10 days before inquiring about your order and thank you for your support!

Cowboy Cut

Like it a little thicker?  Looking for a traditional jerky cut?  Look no further.  Our Cowboy Cut beef jerky is a traditional formed jerky. Our flavors and freshly made product blow away the big brand commercial stuff.   Its crazy how good this stuff is!

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And just a quick note. . . ordering online doesn't mean your order has to be shipped.  Simply select "in store pickup" and you can still benefit from the online discount.   Orders typically take 1 week to "process" from time order is submitted.   Processing does not include shipping which will vary based on your location.  If you're placing an order for "in store pickup," basically if you order early in the week your order will be ready by end of the week.

Key Hypnosis Customers:  If you'd like an option with less sodium and no artificial sweeteners,  our "Plain Beef Jerky"  is fantastic (nothing plain about it) and promoted by Julie Ann Kibe of Key Hypnosis in West Springfield, MA.  Check out her program at

Man's best friend . . . 
Bow Wow Jerky!!
  Don't forget your best buddy. . . your dog!!   Bow Wow Jerky, is a premium beef jerky for dogs.  The main ingredient is beef that's hand carved off the roast,  and it's only $5.00 a bag.   Now your dog can have his own and leave your bag alone!!